If you want receive the maximum pleasure from taking a Turkish bath, or Hammam, some advice and tips will be certainly practical to you. Become familiar with several stages of hammams bathing procedure, and what five-stars hotels offer the hammams.
Visiting a Modern Hammam
Visiting a Modern Hammam

$20 for a Turkish Scrub and Massage
Now it is time for the massage! Back to the stone platform and she pummeled you, quite roughly by the way. After the massage you will be dressed at towels and then be taken to the cold room, to cool down and to drink tea.
After a short rest, it is time to head back to the cubicle to get dressed. Although a scrub and massage generally takes an hour and a half, you can take as much time as you need. It's about $20 for a scrub and massage.
Not everyone is keen for the real Turkish bath experience and to struggle with communicating what you would like. At some tourist hammams, cleanliness can also be an issue.

Five-Star Hotels Have Hammams

Some five-star hotels have hammams that offer a traditional experience that is relaxed, deluxe and comfortable enough for Western tastes. Several even have special bridal hammam ceremonies for the bride and her friends. For example, the Laveda Spa at the Ritz Carlton, Istanbul has its own hammam and offers an unforgettable experience. Primary, you are exfoliated with kese, a soft massage with lavender, chamomile, tea or olive oil soap.
Don’t ask for a bathing cap to prevent your hair from damaging. The hair wash is one of the best parts, with hair balsam and scalp massage. To get absolute pleasure, try the Sultans Royal Six Hands massage, applied by three trained artists.
If it is traditional Turkish bath you are looking for, an exfoliation and cleaning like no other, try the more luxurious hammams at five star hotels like the Ritz-Carlton.
While the massage at Cagaloglu Hamami was a bit rough, but you must not miss taking a Turkish bath when in Istanbul, especially after a long, hot day of sightseeing to energize the muscles.

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