Cast light on the Turkish bath, known as Hammam, which stands for far more than just getting a leisurely bath or cleansing. Read about rites, rituals and customs of Hammam, and the role it plays for the Middle-East cultures.
Turkish Hammam

turkish-hammamThe importance of the Hammam resides chiefly in bringing together many dimensions of the society's culture, creating a new phenomenon. Since its creation, the Turkish bath has been much more than just a place to cleanse the skin. The Hammam has long been an institution in Turkey, with a deep rooted social character that elucidates many aspects of Turkish life. Familiarize yourself with this exotic kind of one more counterpart of the Sauna.

Visiting a Modern Hammam
If you want receive the maximum pleasure from taking a Turkish bath, or Hammam, some advice and tips will be certainly practical to you. Become familiar with several stages of hammams bathing procedure, and what five-stars hotels offer the hammams.

Find here some facts regarding the Hammam’s origin, what was the role and functions of hammams in Ottoman Empire epoch, what are the three rooms typical hammam consists of. Search for special accessories that were used ages ago, but still applied.

Learn what means the name of Turkish bath, check what cultures are mixed up in Hammam. Find curious information on the subject of hammams for men and women, celebration of personal events, phantoms in the steam, and five phases during the hammam.

Check out information on how to build a hammam. Find tips and practical advice on how to construct, design and fit out your hammam.

Hammam is a traditional Turkish bath. But it is not only for hygiene, it's the only place for eastern women to chat, discussing the latest news or gossip. Read the article to know the basics of hammam.

The idea of Islamic hammam was borrowed from the Romans and Greeks. The Arabs immidiately enriched the way of bathing with their own vision, customs and traditions.

Here you may find information about Hammam that is one of the most important elements of the Turks’ culture. Get acquainted with the traditions and customs concerning Turkish bath- the art of relaxation.

Get useful information before attanding the Turkish Hammam, get to know how to behave and what your actions will be considered offensive.
Women and the Hammam
Learn about the role hammams played in the lives of Arab women. Discover how this role has changed over time.