Find out more about prosperous culture of a steam bath, its numerous equivalents in the world. Think over primary and no ordinary purposes, equipment, and correct practice so as to gain maximum benefit and satisfaction from the sauna bathing.
The Sauna Culture
finnish-saunaFor most Finns the sauna is not only a place to relax and get cleaned, but it has also a spirit of certain holiness. Clear up what means the sauna, or whatever it is called, for other cultures. Browse trough an extensive collection of sauna information.

Sauna is good for you for several reasons and some of them agreed by doctors, others may be surprising for you, check out dispensed information.

Sauna Building
Get to know more about building a sauna yourself. Read about appropriate location, design, heaters, materials and more.

Sauna Headway
Look through the information about sauna evolution and customs. Get to know about advantages of steam sauna. Find out more about modern sauna and read the tips for newcomers.

Sauna in Finland
Check out information about the traditional Finnish saunas. Learn about its evolution, customs and traditional practice.

Here you will find what represents a sauna per se. Glance through variety of saunas alternative to Finnish sauna. Ascertain wherefore some saunas practice beating with aromatic branches and leaves, and what is advised for those who have a hypertension.

Acquaint yourself with different sauna cultures all over the world. Check out what differences are between sauna cultures in different parts of the world.
The Modern Sauna
The popularity of saunas is growing. Read what modern sauna facilities can be offered to you to be well posted in this respect.

If a sauna is something new for you, pay attention to handy advice and wholesome admonitions. These tips will stand in good stead for the better sauna experience, listen to them thoroughly and you’ll get a great pleasure out of Finnish bath.

Get to know what you may lose if refuse invitation to sauna. Ascertain what "loyly" means and a couple of curious facts about Moscow banya’s. Discover what type of sauna holds the most favor among the Finns, and several aspects of etiquette in the sauna.
Dry Sauna vs Steam Sauna
Lots of people hesitate over a choice of sauna: dry or steam. Given information will help you to understand the benefits of dry sauna and steam sauna.

Get acquainted with the bath etiquette in Japan; investigate how you should take bath to be polite and feel comfortable at the same time.

Consider the information on building a roman bath. Read the tips on bath planning, construction and building materials used.

Discover how the small cubicle baths evolved in the modern infrared saunas used in the health spas, massage parlors and even in private houses.

Get to know how you can benefit from far sauna and how to use it.

A modern sauna has Finnish roots. Read more about different types of sauna and their historical evolution.

Many people prefer saunas more and visit them very often. But you can also enhance your home with this comfortable and health room that will make you and your friends glad. Find out how to choose sauna for your home and what you need to know for this.

Find out about sauna stoves and how to choose the right one. Read what you should pay attention to when buying it.

Get to know how to buy a cheap sauna if you don't have enough money. Read how to find it and what to consider when doing this.

It is very important to follow the rules in sauna. Find out what exactly you should do and what is forbidden in saunas.

Get informed about the principles of operation and use of infrared saunas; learn how the infrared saunas differ from the conventional ones and how they can help you save some money.

Get informed about different modern sauna cultures all over the world; read about the customs and traditions of various countries and nations and consider the peculiarities of each region separately.

Discover the information on the saunas in Netherlands. Get to know what rules you should follow when visiting Dutch sauna and how it differs from others.

Portable sauna is indispensable thing when traveling. Get to know more about portable saunas, their advantages and disadvantages, read how to choose the best for you.
Pre-Built Sauna
Get to know about the advantages of pre-built sauna. Read how to construct them and why they are popular.

Every experienced sauna bather use many sauna accessories as they are really needed while visiting this place. Find out which accessories you can use and how they influence on your staying in sauna.

Find out more about sauna culture in Northern Europe. Read what types of sauna are visited, how they differ and what sauna rituals are popular.

Learn more about sento, Japanese public bath houses; get to know the main principles of their operation and the key information you should be aware of prior to visiting any Japanese communal bath house.

Get to know how sauna can help you sleep. Find out more about its advantages and why you need to visit or buy it.

Check out the characteristics of Tyrolean sauna. Find out how visit such type of sauna and what you should avoid when visiting.

Read the tips that will help you make your sweat bathing an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Find out the difference between traditional and hot tub saunas. Get to know what is better and how it works.

Discover the main peculiarities of visiting a modern Roman bath; read about the types of procedures and general principles of taking a Roman bath.