Anyone who is going to build a Russian Banya must think about what kind of bath to build, what temperature and humidity mode in the bath suit him or her best. Information concerning a Russian bath can be found here.
Building a Banya
Building a Banya
Depending on the humidity of the atmosphere in a steam room Russian banyas are subdivided into baths with dry steam and those with wet steam. In the banya with wet steam the air is heated up to 55-60 °C, and relative humidity is 40-60 %. In the dry steam banya the steam temperature increase up to 110-120 °C, and even to 140°C. In order to avoid overheating the relative humidity is kept at 5-6 %. The traditional Russian banya occupies a middle position in regard to the heating mode: the ideal temperature is 70 to 90 °C, relative humidity up to 30%.

Banyas are considered to be good not simply by the temperature and humidity parameters in a steam room but also by many other factors that influence the comfort during all the stages of banya usage. Practical requirements in regard to bath are getting more significant. In order to get the necessary mode in regard to temperature and moisture in the Russian banya it is not enough to have a good stove. It is necessary to build properly the house for the banya. It should have best possible parameters with reference to volume, height, and so on. The fundaments have to be properly hydroinsulated, protection constructions have to be vapor isolated, sewage and hot water supply shall be performed correctly.

Anybody who wants to build a banya has to think about which layout is to be accepted. What to do to build the banya warm and to uphold the needed temperature and humidity parameters.The main feature of a Russian banya, its base is stone heat accumulator that is the heart of it.

Requirements to Stove
1. create the required temperature and humidity conditions in rest, washing and steam rooms;
2. be energy saving;
3. be able to prepare 140-200 liters of hot water and possess a feature of water heating adjustment ( from boiling);
4. be able of vapor preparation of the required quality for 6 to 8 people ( a transparent steam must come out of the stove) as well as a possibility of additional vapor preparation when using bath ( the masonry are laid into a closed oven made of stainless heat resistant steel);
5. have a heat capacity capable of drying out the bath after its use;
6. a long life cycle and freshness of the air depend on this feature;
7. provide a possibility of washing without visiting the steam room in one or two days after its heating;
8. not contain big water tanks as they decrease the temperature in burning zone and lead to an imperfect combustion of gaseous wood component;
9. enclose as less metal as possible. Due to a great dissimilarity between the values of metal and brick coefficient of linear expansion a break out of masonry or brickwork takes place;
10. give a possibility of using electricity as a stand-by fuel if a safe energy supply for heating and hot water supply of the bath is needed ( in this case there shall be a possibility of simultaneous usage of wood and electricity);
11. give a possibility of creation of comfortable conditions during a long rest or living in a rest room, making shashlik, etc, if needed;
12. availability of a fire-place ensures a new level of comfort while making use of a bath.

When using a banya in cold season it is essential to have an entrance hall into the rest room. It is advisable to make a closed summer verandah in front of the lobby with an entrance from the street and an entrance into the lobby with an area of 20-25 m2 and more.