Learn more about the correct usage of different herbs in banya. Get to know how to combat different diseases and improve your mood. And check out how to properly prepare herbal water for banya.

The Influence of Herbal Waters

The Influence of Herbal Waters

Different herbal waters (decoctions) have different influences on the human’s organism:

Mint improves mood and exerts positive influence on the heart.
Marjoram treats the problems with upper respiratory tracts and with nervous system.
- The leaves of black-currant help to combat cold and recuperate after the flue.
Mustard fights back the first symptoms of cold.
Lime-tree accelerates the perspiration.
Eucalyptus is recommended to be inhaled by children suffering from antritis and frontitis, since it cleans the nasopharynx.

• If you want the smell of the flowering summer, you should prepare a herbaceous water from mint, marjoram, chamomile, lime-tree blossoms, sage, thyme, St.-Jone’s wort, coltsfoot, scented tea, Indian weed, sweet clover, horse-radish leaves, eucalyptus, and laurel. An original fragrance may be added by the leaves of the young currant leaves.
• Beer and kvass added to the water will bring in banya the bread-like smell: to 3 liters of water about 50 grams of kvass or beer should be added.
• Adding to warm water half of teaspoon of honey, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil or 7 to 10 drops of menthol will enhance the mood, positively influence nervous system, heart and blood vessels.
• Coniferous extract is used to soothe and calm the nervous system and the body after the physical or mental overstrain.
• When you suffer from insomnia or other sleeping disorders the thyme water steam in banya will be helpful. Some drops of orange or mint oil added to the water in banya will also have a positive influence on your sleep.
• In contrast, banya with jasmine fragrance will help to stimulate and make you more alert. However, this kind of banya is recommended mainly in the morning.
• To produce a slight herbaceous effect, you can put the dry herbs on the shelves in banya. Such herbs as current, sage, eucalyptus, coniferous twigs should receive special attention. When the plants soak some moisture, they will exert a wonderful smell.

It is important that you don’t use too many different kinds of herbs at the same time. Better to use specific herb to achieve some result. Moreover, you should pay attention to what suits you individually.

How to Prepare Herbaceous Water?

A mixture of herbs is put in the enamel saucepan. Then boiling water is added, and the saucepan is put on fire. When the water with herbs boils, the fire is reduced to the minimum and the saucepan is covered with a cover. Then the decoction is left on this small fire for about an hour, after what it is cooled, strained and poured in the bottles, in which it can be stored for 1 and a half to 2 months in the dark and cool place.