Herbal cocktails are mixtures of herbs boiled in the water that can be diluted and used to produce aromatic steam in banya. Read several useful recipes of such cocktails.

Herbal Cocktails for Banya

Herbal Cocktails for Banya

Herbal cocktails are some more complicated decoctions of herbs. Depending on the necessary effects the different amount of various herbs is used. The total amount of any herbal cocktail must be 100 grams of herbal water for 10 liters of pure water. When the concentration of herbs is greater than necessary, the smell of something burning will appear.

It is better alternate the times of pouring the herbal cocktail and pure water. First to pour pure water on heated stones, then immediately some amount of herbal cocktail. In this case, the aromatic moisture will evenly spread around banya. Another variant is to soak venik in the bowl with herbal cocktail and then sprinkle the room with this water.

Antiseptic Cocktail

Even portions of mint, sage, thyme and eucalyptus leaves should be mixed together. Usually it is used in the beginning of the bathing process, for it cleanses the air and disinfects the room. The healthy fragrances together with high temperatures kill almost all the bacteria on the skin and in the respiratory tracts. Even after cooling down afterwards, the body resists the bacteria.

Cocktail “Daydreaming”, Relaxing

If you smoke, for example, you may feel increased heartbeat or noise in your head because of the increase of the blood pressure. After banya you may have insomnia or other problems with sleeping. Then the relaxing cocktail “Daydreaming” is useful. It consists of the even portions of thyme, sage, chamomile, birch buds, and coniferous needles.

Cocktail “Three Bogatyrs”, Tonic

Some individuals may feel weakness and throbbing headache after banya. The fall of blood pressure is responsible for such symptoms. The tonic cocktail will help: poplar buds (1), tansy flowers (2), sweet grass leaves (1). The fragrance of such a cocktail will improve your state of health.