Discover how fragrances can be used in banya for health and mental wellbeing as well as for therapeutic effects.
Banya and Aromatherapy

The traditions of Russian banya date back to the 10th century. Visiting banya was not merely a washing process, but a philosophical and “spiritual” purification of body and soul as well as pleasure and relaxation.

Both therapeutically and revitalizing effects of banya have been known for centuries. However, these effects can be enhanced by using special fragrances, herbal cocktails, teas and body lotions before or after bathing in banya. The usage of certain fragrances must be determined by the desired effects and results.

Read the articles to learn more about the usage of specific herbs for certain medical and therapeutic effects, and what other aromatherapy related products can be used in banya.

Banya and Fragrances
Find out what herbs can be used to saturate the water in the banya for the enhanced therapeutic and stimulating effects.
Herbal Cocktails for Banya
Herbal cocktails are mixtures of herbs boiled in the water that can be diluted and used to produce aromatic steam in banya. Read several useful recipes of such cocktails.
The Influence of Herbal Waters
Learn more about the correct usage of different herbs in banya. Get to know how to combat different diseases and improve your mood. And check out how to properly prepare herbal water for banya.
Therapeutic Masks
Check out what kinds of body, facial and hair masks you can apply before and while being in banya and what effects such masks will produce.