Have a good rest in a special Russian Banya that is extremely well-liked in Russia. Enjoy its numerous benefits that will help you to feel healthy and younger.
Russian Banya

russian-banyaRussians are extremely serious about the banya. Almost each village home (bower) had and still has its own banya. These private banyas range from about the size of a large walk-in closet to some rooms.

The larger questions are – just what is a Russian Banya and why is it so vital in Russian culture? Discover distinctive features, traditions, health benefits and significance of banya in the life of Russians.

If you are interested in Russian traditional bathing check out the information we have dispensed in this section, read it and you will appreciate Russian version of Sauna or at least understand why Russians love it so much.

Banya and Aromatherapy
Discover how fragrances can be used in banya for health and mental wellbeing as well as for therapeutic effects.

Russian Bania Traditions
The Russian Bania Culture is rich with different ancient traditions and customs tightly connected with their believes in different ghosts and supernatural strengths.

Acquire a familiarity with miraculous benefits and healing characteristics of the banya. Establish a difference between banya and sauna, what herbs are used in banya and for what, why it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor before steam bath.

There is nothing in the world more pleasurable and useful than a Russian Banya. Read about Russian Banya also known as steam bath that helps to treat diseases when all other means are helpless.

Those people who do not know yet what the Russian banya is, should definitely try it and love it. Read about numerous benefits of Russian Banya and enjoy them trying it once.
Building a Banya
Anyone who is going to build a Russian Banya must think about what kind of bath to build, what temperature and humidity mode in the bath suit him or her best. Information concerning a Russian bath can be found here.

Learn more about the peculiarities of banya design and the best materials to build a good banya.

Get to know some general information about banya, when it appeared, what traditions are connected with it, what types of banya there exist and what venik is.

The possitive effect of the Finnish Sauna, the Turkish Hammam and the Russian Bania on the phisical and mental health of a person is widely known. Read the article to know more about advantages the Russian Bania presents.
Russian Bania History
The Russian bania and Finnish sauna have striking similarities in bathing styles. So, we can assume that their development has been parallel, as there are no historic records showing when each culture began sweat bathing.

Become aware of the characteristic features of modern Russian banya; read about the things you should consider in order to get the best of traditional Russian bath.